The three primary governmental orginizations in Guernsey County ( City of Cambridge, Village of Byesville, County) are dedicated to providing a business climate favorable to growth and development in the area. The offering of local tax incentives where appropriate is an outreach of business-friendly initiatives. Tax abatement is available in Guernsey County to qualifying commercial and industrial firms through either the Rural Enterprise Zone or Community Reinvestment Area program. The amount and length of tax abatement availability is based on capital improvements for real estate or equipment and/or job creation or retention.

Qualifying businesses include manufacturing, warehousing, research/development or distribution. Retail businesses may qualify under the Community Reinvestment Area program. Agreement must be negotiated prior to investment being made. The above incentive in detail in “Tax Incentives & Financing Options” under “Area Benefits.”

Municipal organization: Mayor, City Council, full-time staff
Area within city limits: 16 square miles
Police force: 26
Fire department: 20
Primary source of revenue: property tax and city income tax
Streets: 75% paved, 98% lighted
Zoning: Area covered by zoning ordinances: municipality
Insurance rating in community: Class 6 residential, Class 5 industrial
Regulations affecting business: Smoke, Odor

Industrial plan must be approved by state building code, county permit and city zoning ordinance
Industry regulated by performance standards

Municipal organization: Mayor, Village Council, Village Administrator
Area within city limits: 3 square miles
Police force: 6
Fire department: 25 volunteer firemen
Primary source of revenue: Village income tax, property, real estate taxes
Streets: 100% paved, 95% lighted
Zoning: Zoning ordinance, village plan and zoning committee
Insurance rating in community: Unknown
Regulations affecting business: Smoke, odor, noise; industrial plan must be approved
by state, county planning board.

County organization: commissioners, full-time staff
Area within county limits: 525 square miles
Sheriff’s department: 16 housed in new City/County Justice Center
County fire protection: volunteer fire departments or contractual coverage with mutual aid agreements

Retail sales tax: state 5.5%, county 2.0%, city none
Income tax: state income tax on a graduated scale (up to 3.5%) county none, city 2.0%
Motel/Hotel bed tax rate: county 6%, city 3%
Cambridge municipal rate (real estate): $61.98 per $1,000 assessed on 35% of appraisal value
Township rate: varies from $50.85 to $69.10 depending on township – Assessed on 35% of appraisal value depending on township
Cambridge City School rate: $44.35 per $1,000 value (included in municipal or township rate)

The historic Guernsey County Courthouse greets visitors entering downtown Cambridge from Southgate Parkway (State Route 209) and is the cornerstone of the downtown area.

Guernsey County’s administrative services are consolidated into the County Administration Building located in the heart of downtown Cambridge.