What's New

Guernsey County Comprehensive Plan Posted for Review

The Guernsey County Comprehensive Plan, approved by the Guernsey County Commissioners in June 2015, is now available here for public consumption.

1000 Megawatt Facility Planned

Apex Power Group has announced plans for a billion-dollar, 1000 megawatt power station to be located in southern Guernsey County. The facility will bring 500 construction jobs on site for two years and employ approximately 35 on a permanent basis.  The company is proceeding through the due diligence and permitting processes, with construction planned for 2017.  Apex cited readily-available natural gas resources and the proximity of 750 KV power lines, along with excellent cooperation with local leaders as their primary motivation to build here.

Quanex/LMI Custom Mixing to Expand

Quanex Building Products and LMI Custom Mixing are co-located in their massive facility in Cambridge.  Both are experiencing business upswings and have announced facility upgrades and new construction totaling more than $18 million.  LMI will add a new office and reception area.  Quanex plans a new 70,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility in proximity to its current facility.  The facilities, held under Lauren Real Estate Holdings, already total more than 210,000 sq. ft., and the campus easily provides room for this expansion and much more. The upgrades are expected to create about seventy (70) new jobs and push total employment of both organizations to over 500.

Coalfield Lumber Purchases Facility

Coalfield Lumber, well-service company based in Kentucky, has purchased the former Fabri-Form facility in Byesville.  They need just a portion of the 70,000 sq. ft. facility and are in negotiations with two or three clients to lease the remainder of the facility.  They plan to utilize the adjacent rail line to bring products into Guernsey County, then provide distribution to the surrounding oil field activities.

Gas/Oil Drilling Focuses on Eastern Counties

Nearly a year ago, activity in the energy industry slowed as oil prices per barrel dropped below profitable level.  Drilling remains relatively brisk in counties east and south of Guernsey; however, well service companies abound within our area, taking advantage of the transportation infrastructure allowing quick access to all oil fields.  The slowdown has allowed the energy infrastructure (pipelines, etc.) to catch up to the flurry of wells drilled over the last few years.  Industry leaders feel confident that the drilling activity will ramp up in mid-2017 as oil prices rise.  Unemployment levels for the County remain well below the high of 14.7% back in January 2010, coming in at 7.2% for April.  The statistical improvement can be attributed partly to local business expansions, but are also due to residual effects of the spike in employment resulting from the energy industry.