1875 Megawatt Facility Moves Closer to Groundbreaking

Apex Power Group continues to proceed through the due diligence activities on the power station upgraded from the previous 1650 megawatt plan.  Both the Ohio Power Siting Board and EPA Air permits are approved.  Tax agreements have been signed, as will agreements with other affiliated partners in the project.  The Village of Byesville has extended water lines to the site and is working on development of sewer service.  Some site issues are being worked out and contracts for the purchase of natural gas and the integration of electric production into the grid are in final stages.  Final inter-connectivity agreements with AEP have been stalled as AEP has filed a complaint with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  The complaint alleges that the switching station to be constructed by Apex Power and ultimately owned by AEP is built on unsuitable ground.  The complaint is based on the existence of underground mines and flood plain issues.  Apex counters the argument with evidence of extensive geological studies and engineering plans designed to minimize any risk.


Apex Power Group is confident that there can be a favorable resolution but May 13th is now the target date, construction could begin this summer. Gemma Power Systems has received a limited notice to proceed and has set up offices locally.  The site, perfectly situated in proximity to natural gas and 750 kv power lines, will bring 500 construction jobs to the county for 30 months and approximately 30 permanent employment opportunities.  The power station is slated to begin operation in 2020, and is capable of producing enough electricity to power 1,000,000 homes.

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